Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fractal Glitchworks #002 by Screamjack

Fractal Glitch Works presents Gargantua Tea Party, the second vibration aimed toward rocketing all yearning minds to Kensho bliss. Expose your senses to one hour of psychedelic wonder taking off from 180 BPM. Enjoy! 

Episode #002

Mergel- Dirty bass
Arcek, Mimic Vat & Kashyyyk - Mad Powers
Amras vs Audiopathik - Marca La Postura
Arcek & Loose Connection - Alderbaran
Selective Mood - String Chaos
Extraterrestrial vs Yoshihiro - Meganeura
Fright rate vs I Logic - Original Gangsta
Fright Rate - Aura
Amras vs Akes - Black Widow
Students - Freak bit

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fractal Glitch Works #001 by sCrEamJaCk

Episode 1 of Fractal Glitch Works. Prepare yourselves for an epic journey through the ever expanding universe of sound. Magical vibrations captured from talented citizens across the universe mixed and matched by sCrEamJaCk for your intense listening experience.

Episode #001

Mentalecho - The Cosmos
Inner Coma - Pulsar
Lucid - Fractal Network
Extraterrestrial- Red Planet
Unvolved - Kennedy's Dream
Oxidaksi - Freakaminoise
Oxidaksi - Lost Carrier
Paralocks - Nutritional Noise
Kashyyyk - Cenotes
Shouton - Ganbatte
Yatzee - Technology
Neonglo - Lick the Desk
Virtuanoise & Will O Wisp - Bloody Hell Mate
Selective Mood - Take Space Structure
Cyberhen - Putarhhh
Virtuanoise, Zigurat, Cosmo & Arcek - 4 Aliens at Work
MetaHuman - Silver Screen
Parabax - Moon Rocket